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About BannerXpress

 “ Balloons are cheesy, flowers are girly and presents don’t pack that required punch when you’re picking someone up at the airport. You need something exiting, affordable yet still personal.” 

Schiphol Magazine, January 2012.

BannerXpress BV is a Dutch company that developed and patented world’s first banner- making vending machine that allows you to design a personal banner. The first BannerXpress vending machine was launched on November 1st 2011 at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam.  The first UK BannerXpress kiosk was placed at Gatwick Airport, South Terminal, Arrivals Hall towards the end of May 2013.

Through just a few simple steps and within minutes your personal designed banner is printed.  The Banner machine gives you the option to choose from different sizes and several catchy themes or adding your own image, after which you type and style your personal message. To add your own image on your banner, simply send any image you like to (UK only) and within minutes you will receive a code back, which you can use on the kiosk. After having retrieved your image, you can adjust your image by either placing it on the left side, right side or both sides of the banner and flip, rotate and increase or decrease your image size.

Banners are not limited to personal use. You can use a banner in any commercial environment. Be it a store promoting a sale, a realtor promoting an open house or a boat owner selling his craft. If it is to pick someone up, wave someone goodbye, a marriage proposal, any kind of celebration, message or announcement, with a banner you can boost any occasion!

BannerXpress machine menu - choose sizeEnter your personal text for your bannerPress print and print your own personalized banner

BannerXpress BV chose to work with printers of a high quality standard and a high- speed print to deliver great resolution and intense deep colours. The banners are printed on durable sail canvas and the ink is dry immediately. The banners are waterproof and have a long lasting quality.

Find the BannerXpress machines at Schiphol Airport arrival hall 1, 2, 3 and 4, at Belgium Airport Zaventem, at Gatwick Airport (South Terminal) and in Westfield shopping malls in Long Island, Connecticut and New Jersey!

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The BannerXpress vending machine is an international patented product.
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