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How does it work?

The Banner machine gives clear instructions, it’s simple and an intuitive process!

You place your order through an interactive touch screen and within a few simple steps your banner will be printed in just a few minutes. It’s truly easy and quick to use, for anybody, for any occasion!

  • Step 1: pick a theme or upload your own image.
  • Step 2: choose a size:
    - Small 110cm
    - Large 260cm
    - XXL 350cm
  • Step 3: type and style your message.
  • Step 4: you’ll then be asked to complete the payment.

Languages are optional. Once your order has been placed, the machine will immediately start printing your banner. This takes just a few minutes, depending on the size of your banner. As soon as the machine has completed the process, it dispenses your banner. A trumpet will blow and a green light will appear in the hatch below.

Have fun with your personal designed banner!

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The BannerXpress vending machine is an international patented product.
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