About BannerXpress

What started as an idea back in 2010 is now a fully developed product. Check out our story.

 “ Balloons are cheesy, flowers are girly and presents don’t pack that required punch when you’re picking someone up at the airport. You need something exiting, affordable yet still personal.”  Schiphol Magazine, January 2012.

BannerXpress BV is a Dutch company that developed and patented the world’s first automated banner- making kiosk that allows you to design a personal banner. The first BannerXpress kiosk was launched on November 1st 2011 at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. Through just a few simple steps and within minutes your personally designed banner is printed.

Make a banner to welcome someone home, for a marriage proposal, a sports game or any kind of celebration, message or announcement. With a banner you can boost any occasion! You can also use a banner in any commercial environment, be it a store promoting a sale, a real estate promotion, an open house or a boat owner selling his craft. BannerXpress chose to use printers of the highest quality standard and a high- speed print to deliver great resolution and intense deep colours. The banners are printed on durable sail canvas and the ink is dry immediately. The banners are waterproof, all weather proof and have a long lasting quality.

Find the BannerXpress machines at the following locations:

The Netherlands:

– Schiphol Airport arrival 1

– Schiphol Airport arrival 2

– Schiphol Airport arrival 3

– Schiphol Airport arrival 4

– Eindhoven Airport arrival hall


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