1. How does the BannerXpess kiosk work?
You create your banner using the interactive touch screen and with a few simple steps your banner will be printed. Just follow the steps, it’s truly easy to use!

2. Which payment methods are accepted by the BannerXpress?
The kiosk accepts payments with credit card and debit cards, no cash.

3. Can I get a receipt?
Yes, you can, the BannerXpress kiosk prints out receipts (Netherlands) or emails them to you (Intl.).

4. Where can I find the Banner kiosk?
Currently the BannerXpress kiosks are located at:
– Schiphol Airport: arrival hall 1, 2, 3 and 4.
– Eindhoven Airport: arrival area

5. How can I add my own image to a banner?
Email your photo or image to foto@bannerxpress.com. Within minutes you will receive an email with a code to retrieve your image at the kiosk.
Please note the following:
– Use the highest resolution possible for the best result
– Supported files are .jpeg, png, .pdf and .jpg
– No need to add a subject or text to your email
– Take out signatures / logo’s from your email if you have those

6. What are the sizes and prices of the banners?
– Medium: 110cm x 32cm > €11,95
– Large: 260cm x 32cm > €15,95

7. Can I use my banner also outside?
Yes you can, the BannerXpress banners are all wheather proof.

8. How can I contact BannerXpress?
You can email us at info@bannerxpress.com

9. Who is BannerXpress?
BannerXpress BV is a Dutch company that developed the world’s first patented banner- vending kiosk that allows you to design and print personal banners on the spot. The first kiosk was launched on November 1st 2011 at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam.