How does it work?

The Banner machine gives clear instructions, it’s simple and an intuitive process!

Make your customized banner using the interactive touch screen and with a few simple steps your banner will be printed in just minutes. It’s truly easy and quick to use, for anybody, for any occasion!

  • Step 1: pick a theme or upload your own image
  • Step 2: choose a size:
    – Medium 110 x 32 cm
    – Large 260 x 32 cm
  • Step 3: type and style your message
  • Step 4: pay and print!

The BannerXpress kiosk gives you the option to choose from different sizes and several catchy themes. After this step you type and style your personal message. To add your own image or logo to your banner, simply email your file (jpeg,png,pdf) to and within minutes you will receive a code back to retrieve your image on the kiosk. From here you can adjust your image by either placing it on the left side, right side or both sides of the banner and flip, rotate and increase or decrease your image size. 

Languages are optional. Once your order has been placed, the kiosk will start printing your banner. This takes just a few minutes, depending on the size of your banner. As soon as the kiosk has completed the process, it dispenses your banner. A trumpet will blow and a green light will appear in the hatch below.

Have fun with your personally designed banner!